hurrrr the only mental/developmental disabilities that sj bloggers seem to pay attention to is autism/asperger’s syndrome

yknow there are plenty more than those two right, and plenty of them are not treated fairly either

#not every person with a learning disability is autistic#and people who aren't autistic but still have developmental disorders or learning disabilities DO FACE DISCRIMINATION#pls see the amount of people who actually have adhd and are told they don't because people are used to just seeing ~hyperactive 'weird' k...#*kids#pls see the amount of time it takes for my school to process and authorize my 504 plan#there's a lot of kids at my school yes#but this is something that a student NEEDS TO HAVE IN ORDER TO FUNCTION PROPERLY IN SCHOOL#AND THE GUIDANCE OFFICE IS ONLY DEALING WITH THE SCHEDULE CHANGES FOR SENIORS RIGHT NOW#WHEN I NEED TO HAVE THIS DONE#I NEED TO HAVE THIS PLAN GIVEN TO ALL MY TEACHERS#I NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT I *WILL* BE GIVEN THE ACCOMMODATIONS THAT I NEED#IT'S NOT BECAUSE I WANT LESS WORK#IT'S NOT BECAUSE I WANT TO JUST BE ABLE TO LOLLYGAG ON MY TIMED TESTS AND NOT WORRY ABOUT TIME#IT'S BECAUSE I NEED THIS TO ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO PERFORM MY BEST IN SCHOOL#I CAN'T FUNCTION THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER STUDENT AT THIS SCHOOL#THIS IS IMPORTANT#IT DEALS WITH THE FUCKING STUDENTS AND HOW THEY WILL BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY COMPLETE THE SCHOOL YEAR#BUT NO I GUESS SCHEDULE CHANGES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN STUDENTS PASSING AND ALL#DEFINITELY I MEAN WHO DOESN'T THINK SO#and you know what it's just minor schedule changes also#like the computer messed up on your schedule#here let's take an entire week to fix it#and not listen to anyone else's problems let's just focus on the schedules of ONLY SENIORS#BECAUSE THAT IS REALLY FAIR#wow sorry for the rant i'm just mad#this should have been already done but no#i had to email the copy of the 504 plan to every single one of my teachers#when it already should have been distributed to them TO BEGIN WITH#ARGH SCHOOL IS STUPID AND FRUSTRATING